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Hardscape by BP Paving & Excavating

Hardscaping refers to features such as patios, walkways, driveways and reaining walls, either structural or non-structural. This is a fabulous way to add architectural elements to your landscapting either for residential, commerical or industrial.


BP Paving can Hardscape your area with bricks, natural stone or manufactured elements. We will assist you in choosing an eye-pleasing layout with attention paid

BP Paving-Hardscape.jpg

to patterns and colors. While we can certainly use materials that you select, we recommend products made by EP Henry.


Hardscaping is a multi-step process when done correctly. BP Paving will follow these steps to assure that your installation will meet your expectations.


  • Excavate

  • Install Pavers

  • Grade

  • Install "Soldier" Pavers

  • Compact

  • Compact

  • Layer Sand

  • Sand Fill

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